What type of soil do I need?

If you are building an area more than 6” deep, you might want to consider using fill dirt. It is a clay subsoil and it is not screened. If you are planting grass, you might want to use basic, screened topsoil. Also, if you are planting grass, make sure to add lime and fertilizer. If you want to use a premixed topsoil, the Two to Four Mix is four parts screened topsoil and two parts soil booster. The soil booster adds nutrients to the soil and it helps the soil retain 30 to 50% more moisture. If you are planting annuals, pots or vegetable gardens, we recommend the 1/3 Mix. It is 1/3 sandy loam soil, 1/3 aged pine bark and leaf compost mix, and 1/3 soil booster (leaf compost and food waste).

What type of mulch do I need and how much do I need?

A yard of mulch covers 108 Sq. Ft. 3” deep. If you lay the mulch 2” deep, it will cover approximately 160 Sq. Ft. Hardwood mulch stays in place better than pine bark mulches or dyed mulches. Pine bark mulch is more acidic and good for acid loving plants. Dyed mulches retain their color for approximately one year.

What type of rock do I need for my driveway?

ABC Modified is the most common driveway rock. It is used for driveways, because it packs well. It is a combination rock that ranges from dust to 1” size rock. Other rocks, commonly used for driveways, are 3/4” Rock and 3/8” Washed Rock.

Delivery or pick up?

For pick up, you need an open bed truck or trailer. We sell by either the yard or half yard. Our buckets are calibrated and we do not sell by the scoop, because scoops can range from 1/4 yard to 3/4 yard. If you would like delivery, we shall schedule a time and date and you will have to meet the truck, leave instructions or leave a marker for our driver. Payment may be made to our driver with a check or cash. However, if you would like delivery and would like to pay with a credit card, we shall charge your credit card on the phone when you place your order. For your convenience, we accept all, major credit cards.


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