Cypress Playground

The cypress playground mulch is made of shredded cypress trees. This mulch is considered a coarse mulch consisting of wood strips. 

Our playground mulches meet the government requirements as specified under ASTM F1292-17A (Section 4.2) and are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. 

$35/cubic yard           $25/ half cubic yard

Coverage: One yard of the Cypress Playground mulch covers an area of 9 x 12 at three inches deep.
(See the Materials Calculator on the side to find out how much you need). 

Weight: 1 cubic yard of the Cypress Playground weighs approximately 500-600 pounds.
Most standard pick-up trucks (ex. F150) or single axle, 5x8, trailer can hold two yards.

  • Bases for playgrounds
  • mulch

When using this mulch around plants to keep in moisture and keep weed growth down, initial layers should be 3-4 inches deep. 

When using as a playground mulch the recommended depth is based on the type of playground equipment present and the possible height a child could fall. Follow guidelines as specified by the equipment you are installing or by referencing the current government guidelines.



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