Fieldstone is a naturally occurring rock that is cut into flat pieces. It is used for decorative purposes (i.e. dry stack walls, walkways, or patios) We sell our fieldstone by the full pallet or half pallet. Our pallets range in weight from 1 ton to 1.5 tons and the price ranges from $240-$320. Each pallet is individually labeled with the color, weight and price.

Because the color, thickness and size of the fieldstone varies by pallet, we highly recommend looking at the pallets we offer to find one that best suits your needs and preference.

Due to the variation of size it is difficult to estimate how much product you will need to complete a task. A rough estimate for a dry stack wall is each 1 ton pallet will produce a wall one foot high and 20 feet long. 

Pick up or Delivery?
The pallet of fieldstone can be loaded onto any open trailer or pick-up truck that can hold 1 ton-1.5 tons of weight. We can also deliver the fieldstone in our dump trucks at the cost of the small truck for whatever distance it is being delivered (For example, in Durham the small truck would be a $45 delivery fee – a 2 pallet max). However, when the dump trucks deliver the pallet they will DUMP it off the truck. In which case, we cannot guarantee the stones will stay intact.

The other option we have available is to book a moffett truck to deliver the fieldstone. This truck will place the pallets on the ground using their lift. This costs $150 per delivery and can deliver up to 14 pallets at once.

What is the difference between fieldstone and flagstone?
For our purposes, the main difference is the size. Our fieldstone pieces can be picked up by one person. The flagstone we order in can require two people to lift and move. We do not stock flagstone for our sales yard, but can special order it. It is sold by the 1 ton pallet. We do not offer half ton pallets.


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