Wash Rock (#57, #67, #78/pea gravel)

The wash rock is a collection of cut rock, frequently called gravel, that is separated into different, but uniform sizes. The wash rock comes in both the gray or darker bluish-gray color.

Our sizes are:
#57: Rocks are 1 inch in size.
#67: Rocks are ¾ inch in size.
#78/Pea Gravel: Rocks are ⅜ inch in size. (The pea gravel is a cut rock, not a rounded rock).

$44/ cubic yard               $30/ half cubic yard

Coverage: One cubic yard of wash rock covers an area 9 x 12 at three inches deep.
(See the Materials Calculator on the side to find out how much you need)

Weight: 1 cubic yard of wash rock  weighs approximately 2,500 pounds.
Most standard pick-up trucks (ex. F150) or single axle 5x8 trailer can hold 1 yard because of the weight. 

#57: Rock in french drains

#67: Base layer for concrete pads. Top layer for gravel driveways. 

#78/Pea gravel: Driveways, Walkways

For french drains it is recommended to have at least 4 inches of clean rock on top of the drain pipe. 


When using as a base for concrete pads, it is recommended you use 2-4 inches of #67. 

If you are using #67 as a top dressing for an existing driveway it is recommended that you use 1.5-2 inches of rock to provide coverage.  


#78/ Pea Gravel:
When using #78/ Pea gravel for a walkway or driveway, it is advised that you used 2-4 inches of depth to provide coverage. However, more than 4 inches is not recommended as it could cause difficulty walking or parking on. 


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