Half and Half

Our Half and Half for Grass is composed of half Sand Hill soil and half soil booster (a mixture of leaf compost and food waste). The half and half for grass is a looser soil mixture when compared to the regular topsoil or the 2 to 4 mix. The Sand Hill soil is known for its looser, sandier quality. The custom blend comes ready to plant.

The Half and Half for Plants is composed of Sand Hill soil and a mixture of aged pine bark and soil booster (a leaf compost and food waste mixture). This custom blend is looser than the regular topsoil due to the nature of the Sand Hill soil. All custom blends are ready for use. 


Coverage: One yard of Half and Half covers an area 9 x 12 three inches deep.
(See the Materials Calculator on the side to find out how much you need)

Weight:1 cubic yard of Half and Half  weighs approximately 1,800 pounds.
Most standard pick-up trucks (ex. F150) or single axle 5x8 trailer can hold one yard because of the weight. 

Half and Half for Grass

  • Sod
  • Grass

Half and Half for plants

  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Perennials

When planting grass, the suggested depth of loose soil for a healthy root system is 6-8 inches.We recommend using 2-3 inches of Half and Half for grass incorporated into the top of the existing soil. Due to the nature of the mixture, using too much would cause the soil to be too loose for the root system. 

When using Half and Half for plants it is best to incorporate some of the existing soil into the area you are planting. You need enough loose soil to accommodate the existing root system of your plant or shrub.



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