Sand Hill Soil

Our Sand Hill soil comes from the sandhills down east. It is richer and sandier than our local topsoil. It resembles a sandy loam soil which has a higher concentration of sand than topsoil. This soil is known for having good drainage and is often suggested for gardening. This soil tends to be looser in nature than a topsoil. It is commonly used for Bermuda type grasses. 

We sell the Sand Hills soils by the yard or half yard. It is also a base in several of our custom blends.

$40 / cubic yard        $25/ half cubic yard.

Coverage: One yard of Sand Hill soil covers an area 9 x 12 three inches deep.
(See the Materials Calculator on the side to find out how much you need)

Weight:1 cubic yard of Sand Hill Soil weighs approximately 2,400 pounds.
Most standard pick-up trucks (ex. F150) or single axle 5x8 trailer can hold one yard because of the weight. 

  • Grass (such as Bermuda grass or Sod)
  • Septic Systems
  • Gardening 
  • Used in several of our custom blends

When planting grass, the suggested depth of loose soil for a healthy root system is 6-8 inches.

If you are adding the Sand hill soil to existing dense soils, such as clay or other compacted dirt, consider tilling the first several inches and then adding a top dressing of Sand hill soil or custom grass mix prior to planting.

The Sand hill soil does not have additional nutrients added. If using this soil for gardening you should consider adding a fertilizer compatible with your plants. If using for grass, you should consider adding lime and fertilizer. 

Our custom blends containing Sand Hill soil have all the nutrients needed for their specified purposed. 


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